Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make Money in 2022

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The reason for taking side jobs or side hustles may be different. It can be to help your parents with school expenses, and additional income for the household, to pay debt, or it can be as big as buying a new house, the list can go on and on.

Our motivation for an extra job may vary but our reasoning for taking an extra job may be the same, to help ourselves financially.

Choosing a side job will differ on factors such as the amount of free time, the flexibility of your schedule, the skills you already have, and the skills you are willing to learn.

Our community in Angat Pinay created a list of side hustle ideas that might be helpful for you.



  • Food – you can start selling food items like ice candy, lugaw, frozen goods, snacks on your neighborhood.

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  • Clothes – you can start from your used clothes while decluttering, then if you have a budget repurpose thrift clothes (second hand), when you find the business profitable and fits your liking the you can try reselling brand new clothes.

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  • Accessories– if you creative and like to make your own accessories maybe it’s time to sell them. 

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  • Virtual Assist / Executive Assistant Jobs – you can work a part time or per hour as a virtual assistant and there are a hand full of website that you can apply this opportunity.
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  •  Video and photo editor – If you are already doing this on your own vlog or social media, you can also offer it for a fee.
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  • Script Writing for Youtuber (Vlogger) or Content Creator – if you are great and creative writing with an overflowing ideas you can offer this services to Fiverr or Upwork. Start building your portfolio and reach out to Vloggers that you can relate with or fit with your style of writing.
  • Copywriting – a very in demand skills for any company and you can learn how to do it.
  • Voice Over Artist / Voice Narration – If you are good at it you can offer your service on Voices or BunnyStudio.


Carpooling –  You can offer carpooling service to your officemates and friends. Or an on call car service for a point to point transportation. 

Property Management – you can offer this service to your friends and family with property that needs to offer for rental or Airbnb. You can help them by finding renters, and do the after care cleaning after clients. 

Manicure and Pedicure Services – pampering at the comfort of your clients home, you can start a standard mani/pedi then explore on gels and creative nail art.

House Cleaning – Yes! there are good number of people looking for someone to clean their condo units or houses. You can start with a cleaning service offering via social media and make sure your collect referrals and testimonials. 


ESL teaching – There are a good number of ESL agency online that you can start with offering full time or part time with a very flexible schedule at the comfort of your home.  Boost your English skill and confidence. 

Tutoring – starts with your neighbors children. 

Teach Musical Instruments – Perfect for the summer and children offering beginner piano or guitar lessons. 

Hi Pinay, 

There are a sea of opportunity out there. It is for you to figure out and grab. What ever your reason for finding an extra job or side hustle, I am sure it is for a greater purpose. Share your side hustle and part time jobs on the comment below. 

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