Selling your old clothes

Wala bang puhunan pang negosyo, why not mag simula sa mga ‘di na ginagamit na bagay sa bahay or better yet mga personal items mo, tulad ng mga damit. 

What will you need? 

1. Camera/Phone Camera 

2. Social Media Account – Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok

3. Old Clothes 


How to start? 

I started this side hustle way back 2009 with my sister. We just figured ang dami na naming ‘di na nasusuot na damit and pwede pa naman magamit ng iba. 

Unsure if may bibili ba, we created our first FB Account and started selling through our friends and family. Add lang ng add ng potential buyers noong hindi pa strict si facebook sa pag-add ng friends. 

But with the vast potential online. You can now create your FB business group or page, Facebook marketplace, Instagram, and other social media. 

When is the best time to sell your clothes? 

You can sell any free time you have. After your closet cleaning, you can take a snap of the item and post it directly on FB Marketplace. 

The prettier the photo the faster it get sold, make sure to take a clear picture of the items and mention the size, condition and the flaws. 

Where to sell your items?

You can start selling it with your friends or family by posting a “closet sale” on your timeline. If you have a huge pile maybe you can invite them over to see the items. 

Or you can directly post it in FB marketplace, for a wider audience near you. 

Why start selling your old clothes? 

Puno na ang closet mo and it’s time to let go. Kung naka ilang taon na yan at di na ginagamit sayang naman. 

This side hustle can lead to a viable business in the future. For now, you can do this anytime you want. 

Hi Pinay!

What other things to consider sa pag bebenta ng damit? Share your suggestions and story below.

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