Creating your own accessories

When you want to add a little something extra to your outfit, accessories are the way to go. They can be as simple or elaborate as you like, and they can add both function and style to any outfit.

Some of the most popular accessories today include wallets, handbags, socks, necklaces, scarves, and even earrings and hairpins. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is that you can create your own accessories using just a few basic materials!

What will you need?

The materials you will need will depend on the accessory na gusto mong gawin. 

What you need to consider: 

  1. Find a good supplier for your raw materials
  2. Check the quality 
  3. Start Small and enhance your skills


How to start? 

The first step to starting an accessories business is to decide what kind of accessories you want to start. Mas magandang mag simula sa isa and you can focus on it, do your research and understand the market.

Starting an accessories business doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. You can start small and test the demand while making sure that you are enjoying your time.

Gumawa ng few samples na pwede mong gamitin sa pang araw-araw or ipang regalo sa mga kaibagan. Make sure na alam nila na ikaw ang gumawa sa mga accessories. 


When is the best time to start? 

You can do this side hustle on your free time. If you are into crochet you can do this while watching tv or reading a book. You can insert it in between your day to day activity. 


Where to find the market?

Firstly, you are the market. If you like what you have created then display the item by wearing it yourself. 

The demand will show when people will start asking where you bought it. 

You can also showcase your creation online. Create a gallery of your accessories on Instagram and show the behind the scene processes on Tiktok. 


Why start your side hustle? Aside from the supplementary income that it will bring, you can explore your creative side. Magandang gawing relaxation sa iyong extra time. This part time hustle with the right target market will potentially grow as a full time business.

Hi Pinay!

Do you have an accessory business you want to share? Send us some tips and story of your business. 


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