Visiting South Korea For The First Time As A Solo Traveler

Oftentimes, when you think about traveling abroad especially in countries like South Korea, the first thing that you think of is it requires a lot of money and that maybe you can’t afford it. Well, it may be true that you will spend money, but there will always be a way to make it not heavy on your pocket.

How much I spent in my recent trip to Boracay

My budget on our Boracay Family Trip. There are more restaurants that you can dine in for an affordable price, at the same time there are restaurants you can dine in for quite higher than usual but so worth it. It took more than 2 years to travel again, and Boracay was definitely worth it.

Where to go in Singapore for free!

Singapore may be one of the most expensive cities to visit, however there are places you can visit for FREE! Yes, you read it right. Let’s run through places you can enjoy without spending for entrance fee.

What to do in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the go to destinations for Filipinos, it is just 3hrs and 45 min flight from Manila and multiple flights per day from different airline companies.

​​Where to shop in Korea

Shopping might be one of my favorite activities whenever I visit S. Korea. People might think that buying clothes in Seoul is expensive and that they can’t afford, however there a lot of shopping areas where you can shop with a minimal budget yet very stylish and of good quality.

What to do in Bangkok?

Aside from the temples and palaces where you experience and see the culture of Thailand, there are so many things to do in Bangkok.