How much I spent in my recent trip to Boracay

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Because of the pandemic, me and my family and most, if not , all Filipinos were not able to travel anywhere even domestically. I would say it was the best for us since my parents are senior citizens already and covid cases were rising each day. 

When I read the news of Boracay lifting the RT PCR for fully vaccinated Filipinos, I immediately planned out our trip. I did not plan for a long time and everything was abrupt, good thing we were still able to get good deals in airfare and hotel accommodation. I would like to share with you our itinerary not too much on the activities but more of the restaurants we visited.

Here’s the breakdown of the ticket, fees, transportation and accommodation. We are a family of 6 but for the airfare 1 member came from Cebu so the rate reflected here is for 5pax only.

For our itinerary, we did not do any activities except for swimming (beach and swimming pool) and going around since this is not our first time.

We also have 2 senior citizens who were not fond of water activities. However, even just walking around, breathing fresh air, swimming in the beach, discovering and eating out in a restaurant were enough to make our vacation memorable.

Here are some of the restaurants we dined in, some of these are my favorite restaurants already and I will place “highly recommended” if I dined in multiple times already.

  • Spicebird (highly recommended)
    Located in D’Mall
    They make their own Piri Piri sauce with a lot of options (spicy and non spicy)
    I personally like the Piri Piri sauce they offer, also the serving is quite big which I usually share with people I’m with to order a variety of food and lastly it’s not very expensive. My Usual order is the Chicken and Pork board, worth it and very delicious!
  •  I ❤️ Backyard BBQ
    located in D’Mall
    Before this recent visit, I have traveled to Boracay two times already (pre pandemic) and this restaurant is always FULL, and the line is so long that 1-2 hours is not enough. So when we were looking for a restaurant to eat for lunch, there were no line, not much of people a great opportunity for us to dine in (in peace, YES “in peace” before the people lining up were all just looking at the people dining to pressure them to eat fast so they can replace them after LOL). I actually liked the food, no wonder it’s very famous especially to foreigners.
  • Aria Cucina Italiana
    located in D’Mall
    We wanted to eat something not heavy since we had consecutive meat overload meals before visiting this restaurant. Another staple in D’Mall or I would say Boracay as a whole, I often see this restaurant full. They offer authentic Italian food, with a beautiful view since the restaurant is located on the beachfront. We ordered Caesar Salad, Carbonara, Pesto, Margherita, and Quatro Stagioni, the price starts at 400.
  • SuperMagic Burgers (highly recommended)
    Located at Station X, Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay
    We tried their wagyu burger set ( with sea salt fries and real iced tea) . It was actually really good. The patty has no extenders and it was so juicy. I would love to come back and dine in again here if I visit Boracay again.
  • Sea Breeze cafe
    Located at Hennan Resorts Boracay
    This is one of the known buffet restaurants in Boracay, they are always full and they don’t offer reservations so it’s better to go there early. They open at 5:30pm (if I remember it right). The food choices actually are not that grand, but still it was satisfactory. The highlight of our dinner was the live band, it was so entertaining and fun.

Hi Pinay!

There are more restaurants that you can dine in for an affordable price, at the same time there are restaurants you can dine in for quite higher than usual but so worth it. It took more than 2 years to travel again, and Boracay was definitely worth it. Share your first vacation with us in the comment section below.

Contributor Information: Mimi is a member of our Angat Pinay community and she loves to travel on her free time. She started traveling since 2013, traveling Solo, with friends or with family. She loves to plan her travel and always on a budget. She is has an eye for discount airfare and good shopping buys.

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