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Shopping might be one of my favorite activities whenever I visit S. Korea. People might think that buying clothes in Seoul is expensive and that they can’t afford, however there a lot of shopping areas where you can shop with a minimal budget yet very stylish and of good quality. Here are some of my go to places where I shop in Seoul:

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1. Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Center (Go-To Mall)

Location: jiha 200, Sinbanporo, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
How to go: Express Bus Terminal Station (line 3/7/9, exit8-1 1/8/2). Subway Station connected to the underground shopping mall

Goto Mall or Express us Terminal Underground Shopping Center is the largest underground mall with over 600 stores and 880m long alley of shops. They from blouses, to pants, shoes, bags, and accessories. They also have paintings, tablewares, and furniture as well. I spent the whole day shopping here as it is very huge with lots of shops with affordable clothes and up-to-date fashion. 

2. Myeongdong Shopping Street

Location: Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: It may vary from stores but generally 11:00-22:00
How to go there: Myeondong Station (Line 4, exit 5/6/8 to Myeongdong).
Euljiro Station (line 2, exit 5/6) then 2 min walk

Myeondong Shopping Street is one of the most famous shopping area for tourist. Most of the stores are for local and international cosmetic brands, shoes and accessories. There’s a lot of Shopping Malls around the area as well like:
-Noon Square
-MIGLIORE Myeondgong
-Lotte Department Store (flagship store)
-M plaza
-Lotte Young Plaza
-Shinsegae Department Store (flagship store)

Along with the cosmetic stores and international brands for clothing, shoes and accessories there are also a lot of cafes and restaurant where you can rest and eat after shopping. I usually buy my skin care products and make up here. There are a lot of stores to choose from. 


3. Dongdaemun Market

Location: 266, Jingo, Jingo-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: Fabric/Garments – 8:00 – 18:00
Accessories/Home Interior/Wedding Supplies: 8:00-19:00
How to go there: Dongdaemun Station (Seoul Subway Line 1,4), Exit 8 or 9

A large commercial district for shopping with more than 30,000 stores. They have stores for every item you need with a variety of options. Dongdaemun is famous for its night market but there are a lot of shoppers who also visits anytime of the day. It’s the best place to find things at a bargain price. Dongdaemun’s famous food alley named Mukja Golmok is also a must try if you want to try Korean cuisine. The last time I visited Seoul, I bought my souvenirs for family and friends here.


Hi Pinay!

There are more shopping places and malls you can visit when you want to shop like Hongdae, Gangnam. The list above is just some of my favorite places where I personally shop. Do you have a go to shopping area or place in South Korea? Please do share your experience on the comment below. 

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