How to Start Selling on Shopee

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“Salamat Shopee!” it is time to earn from our Shopee Account. 

Gusto mo na bang mag benta sa Shopee? Ang unang gagawin natin ay gumawa ng Shopee seller account.


How to Create a seller account in Shopee? 

Go to

On your upper left corner click Sell on Shopee.

Then create your shop now. 

You can sign up using your number, facebook account or google account. 

Create your Shop Name, Add your pick up address, dapat completo para madaling mahanap ng courier for pick up. Place your email address and contact number na active. 

Fill in the product name, aside from your brand name make sure to add a description of what the product is. 

Example: Angat Pinay Organic Baby Wipes 50 Pcs Per Pack 99% Water Hypoallergenic (Non-Alcohol-wetwipes)

Para madiling makita or o search yung product natin.

Now, fill in your product information. Make sure you are uploading clear and good quality photo.

1. Photo: Clear photo with all the color variant and in different angle (Front, side and back)

2. Video: Include a video if available. Example: How to use the product or show product features

3. Product Description: Make sure that you add all the information needed, para mas madali para sa mga client mag decide at para di na paulit-ulit ang chat nila para itanong ang details ng product. Makakasave ka pa ng time sa pag sagot.

Include the sizes (include width, height), weight, materials use, how to use

4. Specification: Double check the information upon filling in. Fill in all the information para ma lagay ang tamang information ng product mo at madaling ma search ng mga clients pag nag fifilter sila.

5. Sales information: Wag kalimutan magfill in ng completo ang information.

6. Shipping: Ang importante tama ang weight at parcel size para tama ang calculation ng shipping fee. Super important ito kasi pag nag over weight yung item natin sa declared size or weight pwedeng mag increase ang shipping fee at mababawas sa income natin.

7. Others: Fill in kung pre order ba yung item. If hindi pre-order you agreed to send the items with in 2 business days. If Pre order you can fill in kung ilang araw ang need mo para ma send ng items.

What you will need to be a Shopee seller? 

1. Phone/desktop/laptop – to access your online shop

2. Printer/waybill printer – to print your waybill (ang waybill yung dinidikit na information ng clients for delivery)

3.Sticker paper – for waybill

4. Courier plastic bag/ boxes – para lagyan ng items natin for delivery

5. Packaging tap and bubble wrap – to secure the package


1. Do your research. Youtube creators provide detailed step by step in creating your shop. 

2. Price your product right and consider the commission and transaction fee of Shopee. 

Hi Pinay!

Are you a Shopee seller? Mag bigay ng mga tips kung paano effective na mag benta sa Shopee. 

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