Activities to do in Bohol

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If you are heading to the Visayas region, one top destination would be Bohol. It is located in the Central Visayas region consisting of the island itself and 75 minor surrounding islands.

City Tour

To go around the city, you need transportation. Here are some vehicles you can rent to go around Bohol:

Private Car Charter (Price starts at Php 1, 300)
-This is for 1-3 pax
-There’s an option for 4hours and 8 hours charter service
-You can create your own itinerary and you can request where is the pick up point and the drop off

Van Charter (Price starts at Php 2,000)
-This is for 4-10pax
-There’s an option for 4hours and 8 hours charter service
-You can create your own itinerary and you can request where is the pick up point and the drop off

For additional information, kindly click the link below:
Bohol City Private Car Charter and Van

Island Hopping

Another activity that you can do in Bohol is Island Hopping. Discover the island near Bohol like Balicasag and Virgin Island. There are different package type:

Group of 6-10 island hopping
Group of 3-5 island hopping
Group of 2 island hopping
1 person island hopping

(Price starts at Php 1,480.00/person for group 6-10)

For more details kindly click the link below:
Bohol Island Hopping by Southwest Tours

Scuba Diving

Discover scuba diving through the guidance of PADI certified instructors.
Learn proper breathing underwater and learn about the equipment used for scuba diving.
Witness the breathtaking view underwater.

(Price starts at Php 3,700.00/person)

For more details kindly click the link below:
Discover Scuba Diving in Bohol

Sample CountrySide Tour Itinerary

• Chocolate Hills
• Baclayon Church
• Man-made forest
• Tarsier Sanctuary
• Butterfly Garden
• Blood Compact
• Loboc River cruise (Guest account) 850 per person-direct payment to Loboc river) Lunch buffet
Optional/Additional charges
• ATV ride
• Zipline
• Souvenir items
• Biking
• Cable car
• Water biking

Sample Island Hopping Itinerary

• Dolphin watching
• Balicasag island
• Snorkeling in fish sanctuary
• Virgin island
• Turtle watching

Hi Pinay!

We all know the importance of trying new things and seeing new places. They can be fun, exciting, and sometimes even life-changing.

We often discover things about ourselves we never knew before and the activities above may be our latest discovery to unlock.

What activities have you tried and how was your experience? Please do share with us in the comments below.

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