Jam Legislador Padilla of Sweet Mamita

Ms. Jam Legislador Padilla of Sweet Mamita

Parañaque-based home-baked goodies made with quality ingredients and love.
Her mother started Sweet Mamita as a hobby/side business. Jam saw a potential and partnered with her in 2012, to help it grow. 
Leaving her corporate job in 2014 to focus on it. However, they had to go into hiatus by 2018 for 2 years for various reasons and one of which is her mom felling ill. 
Instead, she got busy doing other job like singing and focused there for the meantime. Her mother who started Sweet Mamita passed away January of 2020, so Jam decided to revive the business in her honor.

Here is my quick chat with Jam

Why did you choose to continue with the business instead of going back to the corporate job?

I feel that corporate is really not for me. I do a lot of different things on the side, too, and being in an office job restricts from doing other things. I’m much more fulfilled when I dabble in many different activities rather than stick to doing one thing.

What was your struggle starting a business and who helped you?

We didn’t have a physical store and it was during a time when online selling was not as popular as it is now so the biggest struggle was building a clientele and making a presence in the industry. Luckily, family and friends were very supportive and eventually word got out.

What can you share with the women out there who are afraid to start?

Being afraid is actually a good thing; it means you have something to lose. And when you have something to lose, that pushes you to do your best and always make calculated and informed decisions.

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  1. Yummy goodies, how do you take your photo? Ganda! Thank you for sharing your story. Truly touching, and your Mom is very proud of you. Keep it up! I’ll keep you in mind on my next Bday for the cake 🙂

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